Do you go above and beyond to offer your club members and players the very best golfing experience? Sure you do! Give them one more reason to remember their golfing experience – use HOY’S Towel Scent – it’s a must have!

Our Towel Scent is used by nearly 200 golf courses including several of the finest courses in Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Abu Dabai, the Bahamas and, of course, in the Greatest country in the world.....the United States of America!

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Size: 16 Oz.
Package: Plastic Bottle
Code: TS-16P
Price: $48.00

Size: Gallon
Package: Plastic Jug
Code: TS-GP
Price: $285.00

Citrus Cooler

Red Mango

Eucalyptus Mint

Sample Set - $9.95 - limited to one set per customer. The Sample Set is shipped via Priority Mail. Please use address where you receive mail.

Citrus Cooler

Red Mango

Eucalyptus Mint

How to Use:
Because each situation is different (cooler size, amount of water used, desired strength of fragrance etc.) we suggest the following:

1 - Fill a cooler with warm tap water (fragrance mixes better in warm water)
2 - Add your favorite HOY’S Towel Scent until desired strength of fragrance is reached (remember fragrances are concentrated and go a long way). Recommended is one oz of Towel Scent mixed with 2-3 gallons of warm water
3 – Add towels to scented water and allow to soak for 10-15 minutes
4 – Wring scented towels, roll them up and store in cooler, refrigerator, or warming device OR, for convenience, you may add the towel scent to the rinse cycle of your washing machine.

Now your guest services staff can offer the scented towels to players and members. This is a great refresher at the beginning of the second nine, or as an after-round cool down.

Possible applications: Golf Resorts, Tennis Facilities, Spas, Fitness Clubs, Balloon Rides, Dental Offices, Doctor's Offices, Massage Therapists, any get-together where someone might need a cool, refreshing LIFT.

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